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Master of Science in Management with a Concentration in 人力资源管理 100% 在线

人力资源管理 硕士 在线 Degree 概述

Put people first with a concentration in 人力资源管理

十大正规网堵平台's 人力资源管理 Concentration focuses on managing an organization’s most valuable resource: its people. 人力资源管理 is the act of overseeing all of the employees and administrative functions within an organization, while ensuring business practices stay compliant and ethical.  

人力资源管理 is a valued field of work and is essential to the overall success of an organization. After all, an organization is only as good as the people behind it.  Successful human resources managers possess certain character traits that are important. If you possess most of these qualities, a concentration in 人力资源管理 could be for you:

  • 多任务处理能力
  • 动机
  • 领袖
  • 善解人意
  • 有创意的
  • 道德
  • 守时
  • 问题解决者 

Through 十大正规平台’s year-round schedule, you could earn a 100% 在线 Master of Science Degree in Management with a Concentration in 人力资源管理 in as little as 16 months.

Where could a concentration in 人力资源管理 take me? 潜在的职业发展方向包括:
  • 人力资源经理
  • 财政监察专员
  • 员工关系经理
  • 效益分析
  • 培训及发展经理
  • 行政服务经理
  • 业务主管
Upon completion of the 100% 在线 Master of Science in Management, graduates will be able to:
  • Evaluate the implications of strategy to an organization  
  • Apply research to allocate and manage human resources
  • Design organizational plans leveraging management theory and innovation to solve business problems
  • Demonstrate ethical managerial responsibility

The 人力资源管理 concentration focuses on managing an organization’s most valuable resource:  its people.  This concentration focuses on compliance and the regulatory environment from a legal perspective, the strategic partnerships and goals that serve to motivate and incentivize a contemporary workforce, and the digital tools and systems used to manage human capital. 

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are able to: 
  • Apply human resource management tools and strategies in support of organizational goals

人力资源管理 硕士 在线 Degree





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